The charms of Luang Prabang


Located in the mountainous north of the country, this former royal capital has been a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site since 1995.  Idyllically situated on the Mekong River and surrounded by beautiful green mountains, the town itself is picturesque and offers a wonderful mix of ancient temples and French-Indochinese architecture.  Like much of Laos the pace of life in Luang Prabang is relaxed and compliments the visual charm of the town perfectly. Luang Prabang remains the cultural heart of Laos today, yet it simultaneously offers an incredible assortment of things for visitors to see and do.  It is simply a must for any first time visitor to the country, and one of our favorite destinations anywhere in Southeast Asia.

Luang Prabang Full Day City Tour

You can discuss with your guide for an optional early morning start (5.30am) to witness and partake in the daily morning ritual of ‘Tak Bat’ or giving alms to the monks.  This is a unique ritual still followed by the locals in Luang Prabang.  We can also visit the local fresh market to see how the locals shop, before returning to your hotel for breakfast. After breakfast we visit the quaint Royal Palace Museum, which gives a good overview of the local history.  We then begin our temple tour taking in some the cities most beautiful structures, including the country’s most historic and enchanting temple Wat Xiengthong, with its roof sweeping low to the ground, representing the classical Luang Prabang style, as well as the unique Wat Mai, with its five tiered roof and Wat Visoun, known as ‘The Water Melon Stupa’ due to its shape. In the afternoon we visit the excellent Arts and Ethnology Centre which gives us a great insight into the ethnic mix and culture of Laos. We then visit the weaving and textile villages of Ban Xangkhong and Ban Xienglek. Our final stop of the day is a climb Mt Phousi, which offers a spectacular sunset and a panoramic view over Luang Prabang and the Mekong River.

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