Low season .Vs. High season. Everything you need to know


This is a question that comes again and again on online forums and in the mind of travelers. Is it better to visit a country during its tourism high season or rather during the low season? There is no definite and universal answer to that. But we try here to give indications about Vietnam tourism seasons, so each of you can see which season matches your traveler profile better. 


The dates

Low and high seasons are not the same for all nationalities. However, some trends are clear and constant over the years.

For most international visitors, high tourism season in Vietnam stretches over two periods of time. The first one goes from the beginning of March to the beginning of May. The second one occurs from October to the end of December.  The rest of the year [January, February, May, June, July, August, September] can be called low season.

For Vietnamese people [aka domestic tourists] as well as for people from Italia and Spanish-speaking countries, the highest season of the year goes from May to September.

BEWARE! There are some tricky unexpected tourism peaks along the year. They are related to Vietnamese national holiday times. People in Vietnam are discovering the joy of travel and now seize any opportunity to escape from their daily routine. Around Têt holiday, train and plane transportation across the country is often fully booked months in advance. Around the 30th of April [Vietnam reunification day] and 1st of May [international work day], people often get a short vacation and it becomes almost impossible to book any accommodation or transportation around those dates if it is not done early enough. 


The rates

Hotels and cruises often offer a low season rate and a high season one. For example, our overnight cruise tour on Treasure Junk is more than 5% cheaper during low season

However our tip if you plan to book yourself your accommodation in Vietnam during the low season is to get in touch with the hotel and negotiate directly the best tariff. Tour operators have contracted rates and so could be an option as well. Online booking websites are less reliable on the real benefit you get while traveling during low season.


The Match

Pros of low season

Cons of low season

  • Fewer people at popular sites
  • Cheaper accommodation rates
  • Beautiful green rice fields in the North
  • Last minute planning is always possible


  • Sometimes harder weather conditions
  • Some services may be unavailable
  • More solicitations from street vendors

Pros of high season

Cons of high season

  • Much better weather
  • Cheaper international flights
  • All tourism services available
  • Fewer choices for available accommodation
  • Less negotiable prices
  • Some popular places might be crowded
  • Services must be booked in advance



But anyway, a travel throughout Vietnam is always something positively unforgettable whatever the travel season you choose is.

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In the next article, we will tell you more about the recent updates for visas to enter Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. Stay tuned.

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