Around Angkor & Siem Reap (9 tours)

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Angkor Through the Ages

An authentic exploration trip. A veritable pleasure for History and Nature lovers. A very special chronological encounter with the majestic Angkor ...

Mahendraparvata Sacred Mountain Motorcycle Adventure

Impressive archaeological discovery on a natural environment which is not plain like Angkor, but amidst valleys, rivers, cliffs. Enjoy the ride!

3 Ways to Conquer the Temples of Angkor in One Day

Let's recognize it. The idea of visiting such a huge architectural ensemble in a sole day is quite daring, so get ready for a very intense day and a ...

Rural life from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

A road-trip for those who prefer to avoid flying and make the most of their journeys. The atmosphere between such emblematic destinations won’t ...

Treks, Rides & Overnight at Kulen Mountain

21st century archaeology and the Cambodian landscape in all its splendour. Make the most of these newly accessible locations with an overnight ...

Temples of Angkor & Floating Life at Tonle Sap

Combine the magnetism of Angkor Wat with a boat trip around one of the most authentic floating villages on the immense Tonle Sap lake.

Wildlife & Temples from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

An overland journey that will bring us up North, where the Mekong is home to a beautiful rare creature: the unique Irrawaddy Dolphin

Delving into the Giant Lost Temples

Let’s get away from the crowds and venture deep into the jungle of Siem Reap through untouched temples, riverbeds carved centuries ago and a remote ...

Adrenaline & Angkor in style

Would you like to alternate the mysticism of Angkor Wat with some dynamic activities which will allow you to release a good dose of adrenaline? Then ...

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