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Backroads to Luang Prabang

Often mistakenly overlooked as a great travel destination, the truth is that Laos has a lot to offer. An invitation to discover the only landlocked ...

Central-South Laos Exploration

Perhaps you don’t know, but many travelers return to the South and Central part of Laos several times. They have just realized about the diversity, ...

Relaxing Laos

Relaxing Laos

7 Day(s)

A trip to get totally charmed by the laid-back vibe in Laos and to finally learn to relax for the first time on your voyage around Indochina.

Laotian Mekong

A delightful three-day voyage aboard a luxurious floating hotel with a remarkable oriental character. Get on board, relax and enjoy the journey!

The Marvels of Southern Laos

A trip “just” about exploration, full of beauty and the natural wonders that this scarred part of the country features.

From Southern Laos to Cambodia

Planning to head to Cambodia from the serene Southern Laos? Then check out this proposal, an exploration throughout the peaceful atmosphere of 4000 ...

From Luang Prabang to Vietnam

Do you fancy a great, unconventional road trip? Let's travel then from the mystic Luang Prabang through the genuine Plain of Jars and Vieng Xai till ...

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