Handspan is the first operator in Vietnam to have successfully achieved the TOURCERT CSR certification “Travel for Tomorrow”. Tourcert is a Germany-based organization renown across the globe for its responsible tourism certifications and we decided to adhere to their programs so that our commitment to sustainability could become more transparent both for our travelers and partners.

Local Pioneers

The conversation has become global nowadays. We listen more often how Responsible Travel should be used as a tool for achieving different Sustainable Development goals in the incoming destinations. ...

Why Responsible Travel matters

Since Boeing introduced the 707 aircraft in 1958, the number of international tourism arrivals has been growing exponentially. Today there are over 1 billion people travelling every year, number ...

Our Role as a DMO

Our role as a Destination Management Organization towards Sustainability in Tourism: Coordinate the management of all the elements that make up a destination, calling for a coalition of many stakeholders and interests, thinking in a community and planetary mindset.


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