Vietnam made its reputation as a popular tourism destination worldwide through scenic roads, legendary landscapes and a very rich and diverse culture. These are still the main assets for the country to attract international visitors. But a new trend is emerging in the tourism sphere, we call it experiential travel. People do travel to see things and to feel away from home. But they focus more and more on the experiences to be lived. They do not visit the country anymore, they experience it. And in Vietnam, gastronomy is certainly one of the first things to put on your to-experience list. Follow our A Gastronomic Journey in Vietnam series to get some hints about the top-local-food-experiences per city.


Hanoi exquisite and quasi-exclusive foods to experience


Often mentioned when talking about “Vietnam best dishes”, the simple and inexpensive Bun Cha. Some charcoal-grilled pork meatballs served in a cooked nuoc-mam-based sauce with green papaya and rice noodles. Fried spring rolls come as a side dish. Beware, it is served mainly for lunch and better appreciated on the streets. The good address: 34 Hang Than street.

Second top food experience in Hanoi is for evening only, in a small alley close to the Temple of Literature. Go have some Ga Nuong on Ly Van Phuc alley. The whole alley is filled up with smoking barbecues grilling sugar syrup-covered chicken wings, sweet potatoes and breads. Other things are available but our recommendation goes for these last three.

Last but not least, a fierce representative of Hanoi food scene, the Bia Hoi. Not to be missed as pretty hard to find in other provinces. Bia Hoi is the local beer poured directly from the barrel to your cup. But it is also the name given to the places where you can sit, have a beer and order from a long list of different local dishes served in plates to share. In the center, one of the best addresses we can give is the Bia Hoi Lan Chin at number 2, Trang Tien street.  


If you are in Hanoi and want to combine some local food discovery with a fun motorbike ride around Hanoi streets at night, embark with our guides and drivers for an unforgettable Ride for Foodies.

Stay tuned for the part 2 of our series and some gastronomic pleasures in Ho Chi Minh City.

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