Our role as a Destination Management Organization towards Sustainability in Tourism


  • Coordinate the management of all the elements that make up a destination, calling for a coalition of many stakeholders and interests, thinking in a community and planetary mindset.

  • Support and enhance Cultural Diversity, Identity and Heritage.

  • Strengthen the quality of visitor's experience, memories and knowledge.

  • Collaborate with host communities to foster infrastructure benefits, economic growth & stability, managing and monitoring impacts by intensive consultation.

  • Promote cross-cultural understanding, positive and respectful experiences for both visitors and locals.

  • Arise sensitivity to protect ecosystems and provide education on environmental, social and cultural issues to both visitors and hosts.

  • Use and buy all sort of locally sourced products and materials.

  • Invest on constant professional training for our HR.

  • Create products for specific visitor segments.

  • Allocate part of the financial benefits to flora and fauna conservation and social projects.

  • Create linkages to other economic sectors so that communities do not depend exclusively on Tourism.

  • Discard activities where wild animals are arbitrary kept in captivity (circuses, pseudo sanctuaries) or subjected to any kind of abuse in order to perform entertainment shows (elephant ridings, performances with primates and so on).

  • Build partnerships with scientific researchers (ecologists, biologists, geographers, anthropologists).

  • Contribute to create of a "Tourism Ecosystem" than can be extrapolated to other sectors, that can positively influence other fields to develop their activity through better economic, socio-cultural and environmental policies.


In conclusion, our Tourism policy heads to ensure that the hosting of our visitors is done in a way that maximizes the benefits to all parties involved, while minimizing the negative effects, costs, and impacts associated with ensuring the success of our trips. So great part of our job consists on monitoring and improving our own commitment to the 3 P's of Sustainability (People-Planet-Profit). That's our role. And we absolutely love it.



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