Magical Luang Prabang & Northern mountains (6 tours)

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Experimental Retreat in Northern Laos

To unplug, disconnect and unwind. Laos is a synonym for Retreat and we have fondly designed this loop with the aim to provide you an encounter with ...

Phongsaly Loop

Phongsaly Loop

7 Day(s)

A dream trip for nature and mountain lovers. A genuine expedition to the remote Phongsaly province in the extreme North of the country which will ...

ECC Discovery & Luang Prabang in-depth

Looking for a combination between Luang Prabang's mystical atmosphere and the awe-inspiring Laotian wildlife and natural scenery? Eureka. You just ...

Luang Prabang & Laotian Wildlife Family Trip

Truly fun and experimental activities in Luang Prabang and a very special stay at the ECC to fully experience the majestic Asian elephant's peaceful ...

Northern Laos Adventure

Getting to Laos through Chiang Rai? Then we highly recommend you this outstanding trip through Luang Namtha, birthplace of ecotourism in Laos.

The magic of Luang Prabang and its Natural Surroundings

A sort of mystical, peaceful, positive and healing aura will keep you enthralled almost from the very first moment that your plane touches down...

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