Handpsan’s Top 10 travel experiences in Indochina


http://www.handspan.com/en/halong-bay.htmlIndochina is developing its travel offer at a [very] fast pace. Vietnam took the lead dragging more and more international visitors to the region. Cambodia and Laos are following better and better. They are now ideal destinations for an extension after a trip to Vietnam or for a second trip to Indochina. We even see a rise in the number of people wondering for their first trip to Southeast Asia if they should better go to Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia. If Vietnam has the largest natural and cultural potential for travel, Cambodia and Laos also offer destinations and activities not to be missed. So to help you see clearer among all these, we have edited for you our top 10 travel experiences in Indochina.

1 Cruise Halong bay and venture on its less travelled routes 


2 Witness the sunrise at the mother of all temples, Angkor Wat


3 Enter the World’s biggest caves in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park


4 Explore the magical town of Luang Prabang with a walking tour


5 Get an authentic homestay experience in one Vietnam’s hilltribe village


6 Fly through the air above the jungle canopy with the Angkor Zipline


7 Unwind on Mekong’s waterways and immerse in its agricultural routine


8 Float down a remote jungle river in the dark on a night safari in Nam Et National Park


9 Climb up the ruins of Wat Phou, an ancient temple and UNESCO World Heritage Site


10 Escape to the atmospheric colonial seaside town of Kep-sur-Mer


But anywhere you decide to travel, be aware of the environment you’re evolving in. Respect cultural codes, understand socio-economic context and preserve the environment. Responsible travel starts here, and we’re all concerned!

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